17,000 hectares worked with Pop corn and traditional crops with a productive base in the state of Matto Grosso, Brazil.

Cattle raising

High quality Senepol breed breeding, rearing and hut

Collection Service

Capacity for 12,500 Tons


Member of Hathor Group

Founded in 1992 in the city of Santa Isabel, province of Santa Fé, Hathor Group is a group of companies with an agricultural origin that has broadened and diversified its horizons, achieving solid growth over the years.

Hathor Group is one of the main producers and exporters of popcorn from Argentina and Brazil to all continents in the world. In 2002 Hathor Agropecuária was founded in Brazil. Acting in agribusiness, it offers quality products and services.


Ethics, commitment, customer appreciation, quality


Widely known and appreciated, popcorn is consumed worldwide. With its consolidated brands: King Pop and BoonMagic, Hathor Agropecuária serves the most demanding customers in several international markets with selected and non-GMO free grains.

Internal market

We serve the food industry by supplying popcorn for use as raw material. Some purposes of use are: popcorn popped ready for consumption, microwave popcorn and others.